Our Founders Inspiration

When Rachel Benyola, AnneeLondon Founder & CEO was a child, a close friend was in a bike crash.  Her friend wasn’t wearing a bike helmet and instantly became permanently blind in one eye from the fall.  The doctor said if she had been wearing a helmet, she would have still had her eyesight.

A few years after the accident, Rachel had a conversation with her friend and asked why she wasn’t wearing a helmet.  Her friend said it was because the helmet was just so inconvenient to carry it around everywhere.

Behind The Name

Annie Londonderry Cohen was the first woman to ride around the world on a bicycle. She did this in 1894 when women were at home and out of the way.  She was bet a sum of $10,000 that she could not complete her journey. However, Annie was a tough determined woman, as well as a noted entrepreneur. Despite being a novice cyclist, she began the trip on a hot summer day in Boston as she boarded a ship to Europe.

She completed her trip in a mere 15 months and came back a heralded global inspiration! She used the prize money to start her own company. Her unique story has inspired women around the world for more than 100 years. Like so many others, our founder was so inspired by Annie’s journey that she felt it was a fitting tribute to women, bravery and ingenuity to name the company after Annie.

Like Annie, our founder is a pioneer of modern innovation. To us, Annie and Rachel are courageous spirits, who have found noble purpose in pursuing common goals and dreams.

Meet The Team

AnneeLondon is a game changer in the bike industry that blends health, wellness, and fitness with the demands of modern fashion.  Proudly offering: style, convenience, and customization without compromising safety or performance. Our mission is simple –  to offer cyclists and athletes a life-saving comfortable option that encourages them to live well and to ENJOY THE JOURNEY. AnneeLondon uniquely empowers today’s bike riders to look great and feel safe, while packing light for the road ahead!